Who are we?

EuroMed Solutions is a multilingual language service provider based at the meeting point of two continents where East meets West. With offices in Istanbul, Turkey and Cairo, Egypt, two of the world’s oldest and most vibrant metropoles, we help our clients speak their mind to their prospective audiences and customers.

What do we do?

Building on the experience of a group of multilingual professionals, EuroMed can help you deliver your message with the highest quality possible while taking into account important factors relating to target culture, subject matter and required turnaround time.

Ranging from the simplest and most common personal documents to the most sophisticated instructions for use or patient information leaflets, EuroMed works with you to guarantee that no language barriers hold you back from achieving your personal or business goals.

Whether it is a European, a Middle Eastern, an African or an Asian language, EuroMed will help you find the right resources in time for your delivery and we will work to implement the right processes to guarantee the best quality deliverable possible.

EuroMed Solutions can also deliver, through our own teams or with the help of our partners, a group of supportive services that come hand in hand or follow your translation requirements. From web and application development to multilingual desktop publishing, we can help you improve your online presence as well as manage your publication and marketing material production.

Why are we in the translation business?

In today’s world, communication is a critical tool for businesses to expand across borders to market their products and speak to their prospective international customers. Market research has shown that providing products or services in the customer’s language plays a big role in helping them make their buying decision.

What do we offer?

Backed by a large pool of carefully selected language professionals and technology experts, EuroMed Solutions is here to help its clients cross the bridges between cultures in a world that has become smaller and more interconnected than ever before.

We understand the difficulties of project and tender deadlines, the intricacies of regulatory submissions, and the need to concentrate on actual product marketing material rather than on how to turn all of that into an exotic language for a target market that sits on another continent.

That is why you can trust us with taking care of that service while you concentrate on the more pressing priorities of your business. EuroMed Solutions is the language and technology consulting provider you can depend on for all your translation and localization needs.

All our processes follow the latest quality standard for translation service provision, the ISO 17100. And we work hard to make sure all of our resources work in compliance with the requirements of the standard. This is to guarantee that the work our clients assign to us is handled in the best manner and delivered to the highest quality standards.